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Disposal & Recycling

Our packaging as an integral part of the waste and recycling industry

What used to be waste is now often the beginning of something new. Our big bags are now an integral part of the waste and recycling sector.

Are you looking for big bags of excellent quality that are also 100% recyclable? Whether we are talking about plastic bags, polypropylene bags or big bags, we offer a broad range of packaging solutions and can offer you tailor made big bags for your specific needs. Benefit from our expertise in packaging for the disposal and recycling industry.

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"We have a proven track record in helping global companies find the right solution for their packaging needs”

The importance of proper bulk packaging for the disposal & recycling industry

  • High level of efficiency and safety during transporting, separation or unloading waste
  • Separate and preserve recyclable waste materials
  • Ensured protection against hazardous waste
  • Cost containment in waste management
  • Packaging that helps you meet your sustainability goals

Our leading expertise in disposal & recycling packaging

  • Efficient and effortless filling, discharging, separation and transportation
  • Minimised risk of human and environmental safety issues
  • Meets required legal regulations for hazardous waste such as asbestos
  • High quality, suitable for heavy use
  • Own production facilities meet most stringent quality inspection
  • Highest production and testing standards
  • On-site technical evaluation: your wishes, our experience