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Quality is our best
business model

Quality compliance

At LC Packaging, quality is our best business model. Quality is much more than the strength of our packaging: It is the complete package.

It is in the materials we use, the quality of transport and storage, and the quality of service we provide, but also in the working conditions in which our packaging is produced and in reducing our environmental footprint. Our dedicated Quality Department ensures that we comply strictly with all aspects of quality. When it comes to quality we offer our customers:

  • Quality excellence with a dedicated Quality Department
  • Compliance with a comprehensive portfolio of required standards
  • Extended and improved quality standards throughout the chain
  • Quality advice to meet your quality program


At LC Packaging, we have all the required certificates to supply the right big bag for every industry. In addition, our organisation and packaging meet all the regulations and safety requirements that fall within European standards.

More information about our safety requirements and certificates can be found on our corporate website.