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About LC Packaging

Leading since 1923

Marcel Schouten

Director FIBC
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Employees working at LC Packaging
Million turnover in 2017
Thousand m2 storage room

Always near

We are your local and international partner. With LC offices, production locations and warehouses in 16 countries in Asia, Africa and Europe, LC provides a strong international presence and dedicated local service and operations. We also have a team of packaging experts dedicated to cross-continental business to make sure we can provide our expertise all around the world.

Own production locations & long-term partnership

LC Packaging is proud of our 4 own production locations and our long-term relationship with carefully selected, exclusive production partners. It allows us to fully control our production according to high standards and excellent quality controls. We are able to produce an extensive product range, even tailor made to our customers’ specific needs. We can provide cost-efficient benefits and ensure a guaranteed delivery. Our production partners comply with our Global Supplier Code of Conduct, based on the UN Principles on Business and Human Rights.

Supplier Code of Conduct

Best people

At LC Packaging we consider our people to be our greatest asset. We have approximately 1,000 employees all over the world who are passionate about packaging and committed to quality. Our people fully understand the importance of your business and industry, and are dedicated to providing you with the best packaging solutions. Don’t hesitate to contact our FIBC experts to find the best big bag for your needs.

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Quality in packaging

Quality is the complete package. LC Packaging is leading in quality by offering true quality excellence with a dedicated LC Quality department. We focus on compliance with a comprehensive portfolio of required quality standards and we contribute to extended and improved quality standards throughout the chain. LC Packaging has significant experience in helping you meet your quality programme in regards to bulk product packaging.

Innovative approach

LC Packaging strategically invests in business operations, IT, product development and process management. We deliver easy communication and an online ordering service, so that our end users experience traceability and real-time insight in inventory and order history. We strive towards joint product and process development and optimisation, and are able to set up warehouses in your proximity.

Leading since 1923

LC Packaging is a proven and reliable business partner with sound and healthy financial results. At LC Packaging we reinvest a large part of our profit into the company and have a continuous focus on ongoing growth and development. We will continue reinvesting in our infrastructure and have a positive vision for the future where we will still provide the best products and services to our customers.

Read our Annual Report 2015

Solid sustainability policy

LC Packaging maintains a solid corporate sustainability policy. We deliver partnership with our customers in regards to shared values, standards and responsibilities to ensure the entire chain is compliant with market demands on sustainability. We strive to meet and exceed the end user’s expectations and deliver competitive advantage. Read more about sustainability and check out our WorldBag website to learn more about our reconditioning and recycling activities.

About sustainability